Care Instructions

Daily: Use a soft microfiber cloth for dusting and cleaning.

Occasionally (as needed): For spills, food and natural oil build up use a solution of warm distilled water and non-alkaline soap to work up a lather. The solution should be applied to the wood surface with a microfiber cloth once the area or surface is clean. Do not soak wood or leave standing liquids for a long period of time.
In dry conditions and or if wood appears parched we recommend applying Method “Wood for Good” to wood with a soft microfiber cloth.

▪ Never use commercial cleaners, solvents, synthetic waxes, sprays or ammonia based cleaners on furniture.
▪ Maintain uniform humidity in your home’s environment to reduce wood movement and cracking. The optimum relative humidity level is generally considered to be between 40% and 50%.
▪ Protect wood surfaces from all heat and liquids. Use trivets, insolated pads, placemats and coasters appropriately.
▪ Keep furniture out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can alter finish colors and oxidize hardwoods.