Environment Introduces the Topanga Collection

New Nature-Inspired Shelving Links Bold Style & Sustainability

Environment Furniture introduces the Topanga Collection, a new sustainable shelving system with lightweight honeycomb panel construction and cantilevered design. The shelving has recycled content and certified components, and the collection premieres with three different sizes.

Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, Environment’s creative director, the Topanga takes the brand’s signature commitment to sustainability—and innovative, nature-inspired design—and applies it to multi-purpose shelving. As Massaud states, the line’s nod to nature is two-fold.

“Simplicity, lightness, uniqueness and timelessness: The Topanga Collection is a shelving system made out of cardboard honeycomb and that allows you to create your own wall of shelves depending on your style and the size of your room,” Massaud says. “Topanga reflects the commitment, the responsibility and the elegance of Environment. It translates perfectly the philosophy of the brand: enjoy, share and preserve.”

Turning to the bee honeycomb, Environment has crafted a piece that requires minimal standard shelving support to achieve structural strength, making it lightweight and in turn reducing shipping impact. The Topanga also uses a high content of recycled, post-consumer paper pulp in its honeycomb-panel, geometric construction and is bonded by nontoxic, water-based glue. Like all Environment products, the shelving is manufactured with materials that are designed to meet California's stringent emission regulations and to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Even the Topanga’s finishes are eco-conscious—and range from the subtle to the stand-out. Choose from recycled content Kraft paper; upcycled Newspaper; the Collector’s Edition of hand-painted or hand-graffitied designs by international artists; and the ultimate one-of-a-kind covering: the one you (or the kids) can design yourself.

The Topanga Collection is available now in showrooms and online starting from $395.

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