Big Sur Bed

sku: 111-OPTION1QN

The Big Sur bed highlights the perfect combination of a reclaimed wood frame and vintage military canvas. Both materials give Environment’s upholstered bed a warm feeling, especially with the beautifully executed tufting on the headboard. This is no ordinary tufting: rolls of canvas are delicately sewn into the canvas headboard to create a classic look. Shown in various finishes in our different showrooms, this bed is made to order and exists in many combinations. The base of the bed is made with sustainably harvested oak. Offered in Natural Linen.


Description Headboard
Length Width Floor
California King 48" 9" 90-1/8" 74" 5-1/2"
Eastern King 48" 9" 86-1/4" 78" 5-1/2"
Queen 48" 9" 86-1/4" 62" 5-1/2"


Reclaimed Peroba frame; Natural Linen