our materials

reclaimed wood

Equally at home in an Eames-inspired mid century modern home or a Montana ranch, Environment furniture maintains its integrity in any environment. By staying focused on the longevity of the materials, not the whims of passing trends, Environment's pieces infuse any space with warm contemporary craftsmanship. Each piece is versatile, yet bracingly one-of-a-kind.

Peroba Rosa

Environment searches the globe far and wide to reclaim unique wood and inspiration for their custom furniture lines. Having established their foothold in eco-consciousness with dramatic pieces made from Brazilian Peroba Rosa wood and responsibly harvested plantation mahogany. Read the Peroba Rosa Collection Story.

World Mix

Environment is expanding its family of reclaimed wood to include an array of exotic wood beams salvaged from the maritime shipping industry where they were used to secure cargo on ships, and discarded after unloading. Originating from South East Asia, Australia, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific Islands, this FSC certified lumber is a mix of different species of woods with a range of density, colors and visual character that can only be acquired through natural weathering and oxidation.

reproduced fabrics

Military Fabrics

Our latest search for innovative materials led us to the discovery of a fabric that has been used for over a century, one that most of us have never encountered: vintage military canvas. Since the Civil War, soldiers have taken temporary shelter under two-man pup tents made from Shelter Halves, a durable cotton canvas. Read the Art of Making Peace: Inside the Shelter Half.

Vintage Denim

Working exclusively with recycled Levi® brand denim for their durability and commitment to quality, Environment is redefining casual modern luxury with patchwork like designs applied to over stuffed couches and low slung chairs. Each swatch is a solid length of cotton devoid of inseams or pockets and carefully chosen for its color, abrasions and weave pattern.

timeless textiles

Environment offers enriched, affordable, sustainable designs for the consumer who is looking for something different. And while innovative designs with reclaimed and recycled materials are abound, Environment makes a point of introducing consumers to the brand through timeless textiles like felt, tweed, linen and wool.

These fabrics are familiar, refined and conjure a sense of home and hearth when paired with generously proportioned Peroba Rosa and mahogany wood frames. Having the qualities of warmth, durability and sophistication, these traditional fabrics communicate an understated elegance as exemplified in the Cubex Chair and Ottoman.

care instructions

Use a soft microfiber cloth for dusting and cleaning.

Occasionally (as needed):
For spills, food and natural oil build up use a solution of warm distilled water and non-alkaline soap to work up a lather. The solution should be applied to the wood surface with a microfiber cloth once the area or surface is clean. Do not soak wood or leave standing liquids for a long period of time.

In dry conditions and or if wood appears parched we recommend applying Method “Wood for Good” to wood with a soft microfiber cloth.

Never use commercial cleaners, solvents, synthetic waxes, sprays or ammonia based cleaners on furniture.

Maintain uniform humidity in your home’s environment to reduce wood movement and cracking. The optimum relative humidity level is generally considered to be between 40% and 50%.

Protect wood surfaces from all heat and liquids. Use trivets, insulated pads, place mats and coasters appropriately.

Keep furniture out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can alter finish colors and oxidize hardwoods.