Edge Bed

sku: ENV-BD074-01CK

The Edge Bed is an idyllic retreat unto itself like driftwood floating peacefully out at sea. The Edge is designed as an integrated piece of furniture with an extra wide platform that eliminates the need for end tables or a bedside bench. Four sliding drawers underneath serve as perfect hideaways for blankets and sheets, while the bench-depth ledge surrounding the bed offers space to place bedside reading. With a reclaimed Peroba frame and ebony-stained Mahogany inlays at each corner, the Edge is a clean lined, rustic beauty. Sweet dreams.


Description Headboard
Length Width Floor
California King 24-5/8" 12-1/4" 112-5/8" 97-5/8" 1"
Eastern King 24-5/8" 12-1/4" 106-3/4" 101-1/2" 1"
Queen 24-5/8" 12-1/4" 106-3/4" 85-5/8" 1"


Mahogany Veneer; Reclaimed Brazilian Peroba Rosa; Stainless Steel


Peroba wood has a rugged, untamed beauty; the pieces we recover exhibit a distressed and weathered quality, natural variations in color and texture will be inherent in each piece.